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Nick Easterday
I’ve been doing massage before I even knew the word.
When I was young I was feeling the lines of muscle and the locations of bones. When I grew up I learned about health and anatomy following my veterinarian father around to help animals great and small. After graduating with a BS in Business from the University of Idaho’s highly regarded IBC program I moved to LA to tackle the corporate world. Eventually I found massage school that helped tie my tactile and scientific knowledge into a routine that knows how things should be and feels how they are.
I’ve been doing massage professionally for over 10 years and have learned techniques and helped people around the world. From beach side spas, mountain resorts, the jungles of South East Asia to bustling cities.
Over the years I’ve learned Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissues, Thai, Acro-yoga, Aerial Massage, Cranial Sacral, Cupping, Neurofacia release, Trigger point, Oscillation, Reflexology, Pre-natal, Ayurveda, Manual Therapy, Shiatsu, Accupressure…. and numerous others…. For this reason I customize your massage utilizing the various styles I’ve learned. 
My most recent skill is therapeutic cupping, which uses negative pressure to bring blood to the area and release adhesions in the muscle. This method has been used for centuries, even before Traditional Chinese Medicine there were Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting cupping. It can leave some coloration on the skin, which indicates increased blood flow, histamine production, and myofacial release to the underlying tissue. For this reason, many of my clients get the chance to tell curious friends and family how they enjoyed cupping and it’s benefits. 
Thai massage you wear loose fitting clothes, little to no oil is used and sessions are performed on a floor mat. This is a great option for unlocking joints, overall stretching and provides the same benefits as table massage. Thai can easily be performed in your home, office or a nearby park on a nice day.
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Nick Easterday Insurance
I have most recently become an Insurance Agent. I wanted to expand how I can help people. With massage I can help people maintain a positive physical condition. With insurance I can help you cover your financial needs and in turn reduce potential stress. I can find you policies for home, life, renters, auto, motorcycle, commercial…. Pretty much any kind of coverage you can think of I can get if for you and save you money.
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